7 vacation ideas for Fall

7 vacation ideas for Fall

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Patagonia, Chile

When it comes to must-visit countries, Chile is #1 according to Lonely Planet’s 2018 list, and not without good reason! When Fall starts in the Northern Hemisphere, down under is starting to experience Spring, which brings with it mild weather, and fewer crowds (especially handy if you’re looking to explore Chile’s forest, fjords, or glaciers). The entire country celebrates Chilean Independence in mid-September, and this means the Fiestas Patrias celebration! This is an ideal time for visitors to acquaint themselves with local foods such as asado (barbecue) and empanadas, or take part in the nation’s traditions such as rodeo, or Chile’s national dance cueca.


In 2018, nearly half of travellers (47%) are looking to visit a wonder of the world according to Booking.com. Why not cross the Colosseum off your list, and enjoy everything else Italy as to offer as well? The Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon are iconic Italian destinations, and this is an ideal time to avoid the peak-season crowds. With it, Fall also brings the Sagra, the local food-and-drink festival.  Head south to Marino and enjoy a weeklong festival of Italian treats – all traditional and delicious – or head north to Soriano nel Cimino and immerse yourself into the region’s prominent chestnut festival!

Taos, N.M.

The American Northeast is not the only place to enjoy Fall foliage, and Taos is the proof! The Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, an 83-mile loop starting & ending in Taos, allows you to take in the scenic landscape. Alternatively, the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive allows you to experience the changing colors of Fall in the forest surrounding New Mexico’s highest mountain. Although skiing weather only starts towards the end of November, llama trekking and horseback riding are viable alternatives in the meantime. If your heart seeks culture, make sure to stop by UNESCO World Heritage Site Taos Pueblo, or enjoy the Taos Fall Arts Festival, which comes to life in the last week of September.


Most of the Caribbean experiences hurricane season in August through October. The Dutch island of Curaçao however, is typically same from these seasonal storms, making it the ideal location for travelers seeking the tropical climate without the risk of extreme weather. Even more enticing, you will find many hotels that offer cheaper rates during the off-season. With almost 40 beaches available, indulge in some snorkeling or diving, or take a trip to the island’s east side and take in the historic architecture & museums that the capital city of Willemstad has to offer. Before leaving, make sure to try the bright-blue liqueur that is the island’s signature – flavored with the peel of a local citrus fruit, the taste is heavenly.

Gettysburg, Pa.

What apple pie is to America, Pennsylvania’s National Apple Harvest Festival is to Autumn. Occurring in the first two weekends in October, this festival is a must-visit in nearby Biglerville. If you’re a history buff at heart, make sure to visit the Gettysburg Museum and National Battlefield, and visit the historic location of Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address. With many local wineries, embark on a tour and taste for yourself what Pennsylvania has to offer wine lovers. Complete your stay by checking in to a historic B&B – just beware of ghosts (or seek them out via a number of local ghost tours!)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A finalist in the 2018 World Cup, Croatia has also seen a surge of tourism in recent times due to popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Fans will quickly identify the seaside city of Dubrovnik, where much of the series is filmed. As a result, both crowds & prices surge in summer, which is why we suggest visiting during the months of September & October. As an added benefit, Fall visitors should make sure to take in the local grape & olive harvest festivities, as well as taking time to explore Dubrovnik’s Old City. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll be pleased to know that there are show-specific tours catering for you too!


Tourist favorites on the state’s 2nd largest island come down to two things – sightseeing by car, and relaxing on the beach, both of which are easier to do with the smaller crowds in Fall. Furthermore, visitors in this season are able to indulge in Hawaii’s Food & Wine Festival. If visiting in Fall, be sure to catch the Maui Ukulele Festival (September 30), the Maui County Fair (October 4-7), and the Maui Marathon (October 14). When looking to book airfares and hotels, you’ll notice rates hit their annual lows during the Fall season – just one more reason to visit!

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