Palm Springs with your Dog

Palm Springs with your Dog

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If you are beautifully attatched to your dog no need to fear or worry come vacation time… Palm Springs has you covered. In a citywide effort to increase the tourism in the City Palm Springs is more doggie friendly than ever, rolling out the carpet for your favorite pet, your cherished dog.

Ace Hotel and Swim Club permit pets in the city. However at the La Quinta Resort and club doggies are treated like honored guests just like their owners receiving the royal treatment during their stay. Dogs are offered Bottled water upon arrival and enjoy the pleasure of exploring lush landscapes on the property which is comprised of a staggering 45 acres! A doggie dream so to speak! Dogs can relax at the end of a long, playful day by enjoying lush doggie beds and more! There is even a private patio attatched when nature calls on your dog. There are also poop bag stations all over the property for those times of need. You can schedule yourself a little spa service or facial while your dog enjoys the lush and vibrant property and yes they do provide doggie massages for your dog as well!

The Moorten Botanical Garden is a great destination in Palm Springs where you and your doggie can check out desert plants, dinosaur fossils and petrified trees. If you like a challenge and a little adventure you can take the Palm Springs Museum Trail, a one mile climb and see a stunning view of the Coachella Valley. If you are still ready to roll onto some other great sites in Palm Springs take the South Lykken Trail to see giant boulders and desert plants of all varieties.

Doggie friendly restaurants are in abundance in Palm Springs. Pinzimini in Rancho Mirage is just one of the many restaurants in Palm Springs that is doggie friendly. The cuisine is top notch for your little friend as well with menus consisting of chicken ‘doggie casserole made with dry dog food, cooked chicken, carrots and much more! Sherman’s Deli is sure to please with a menu catering both to doggie and owner with a Pastrami sandwich that is to die for!

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