Where to travel in October

Where to travel in October

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October is one of the most beautiful months in almost any country. Trips to the mountains are especially picturesque: the sky acquires amazing deep shade, and the forests are covered with colorful red-yellow foliage.


Weekends in Vienna in October

While in the middle part of Russia in October autumn is already in full swing – it can be cold, dirty and damp – in Austria and its capital you will most likely get to experience a real and truly wonderful golden autumn. At this time it is especially enjoyable to be in Vienna – the city of museums, palaces, parks, classical music, and excellent winemaking.

Escape to the fabulous Vienna for the weekend with family, friends and even on your own is an excellent gift for everyone who will go on this trip!


Beach resorts

October is perfect for a beach holiday in warm countries, a trip to which will help to prolong the summer mood. For the fans of beach holidays, as well as a combination of hot sun and warm sea, it is worth to consider a trip to Egypt, where in October the air warms up to + 30 ° C, and water – up to + 26 ° C. Good weather during this period is guaranteed, and it will not bring any surprises. Egypt in October is a great place to spend holidays for parents with children because the temperature of water and air is ideal for babies.

October is considered the best month for the holidays in UAE when the air warms up to + 35 ° C. When choosing the UAE as a holiday destination, keep in mind that the holy month of Ramadan usually falls on October. During this period, all kinds of festivities and celebrations, musical and entertainment performances are canceled, some alcoholic beverages are removed from some restaurants and bars, a reduced working day is introduced, and some other social restrictions are also established. However, the restrictions do not apply to the hotel rooms. Dubai is the most democratic resort in the UAE, and many restrictions do not apply to the tourist area.

In October, pleasantly warm weather persists in Tunisia; Air is heated to + 30 ° C, and water – up to + 24-26 ° C. However, the weather can surprise you with local short-term rains or even gloomy days. Therefore, when going to Tunisia, prepare warm clothing in case of unexpected rain. As for the country’s resorts, nightlife enthusiasts should head to Sousse – a major city on the Mediterranean coast. There are discos and casinos, and the city is famous for its comfortable hotels and beautiful beaches. For a vibrant, social life, Hammamet will be a nice fit. It is also the most visited resort of Tunisia, where, in addition to entertainment, tourists get to enjoy the centers of thalassotherapy and comfortable beaches. For a quiet, relaxing holiday Monastir and Mahdia are recommended because of their quiet streets, lots of cozy bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. It will be interesting to movie fans that every odd year in October the Carthage International Film Festival (the Middle East and African Film Festival) is held in Tunisia.

A trip to Jordan in October will not only provide you with pleasant memories but also give you a good recovery due to the miraculous nature of the Dead Sea. Despite the warm weather, the difference in daytime and night temperatures at the resorts can be rather striking, so you need to prepare warm clothes for cool evenings.

Holidays in Thailand in October will give you a lot of positive emotions. The air temperature ranges from + 30 ° C to + 32 ° C during the day, dropping to + 20 ° C  at night, Do not be afraid of rain: In October it doesn’t rain so often, but once in a couple of days there are short-lived, but quite heavy downpours. Nevertheless, they will not interfere with comfortable rest on the white coasts of Thailand, because plunging into the tropical summer in the middle of autumn is the best cure for spleen! The water temperature in October doesn’t go lower than + 27 ° C. Also, there are not so many tourists on the beaches of Thailand in October so the paradise scenery can be enjoyed in seclusion.

In October in Israel, the average air temperature ranges from + 26 ° C to + 32 ° C – and the hottest weather persists on the coast of the Dead Sea and in Eilat, where the north-west and west winds bring coolness. The water temperature in October is not lower than + 27 ° C. The weather remains dry and hot until the middle of October, and in the second half of the month, despite the heat, there may be short rains. In addition, at the end of October, cloudy days are possible, which can spoil the mood.

In October, the swimming season continues in Morocco and the weather is rather hot, but in the evenings it sometimes gets cool. However, it almost never rains. By the end of October, the sea begins to bring some storms, so going there with young children is not recommended.

In Turkey, you can enjoy pleasant weather and a warm sea until the middle of October, after that cool winds and rains will not allow you to have fun during your holiday. At the same time, it is preferable to choose the southern regions of the country where the risk of the weather becoming cold is minimal.

The weather at the resorts along the Mediterranean coast in October becomes cool and windy, despite sunny days. The water temperature also decreases and is suitable for comfortable swimming only in the southern Mediterranean. In particular, in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, and Spain the temperature of air and water does not allow for swimming and sunbathing.


Excursion tours

October is perfect for an educational holiday in European countries. Warm weather and a light breeze allow you to enjoy walking and sightseeing, without fearing the hot sun. In Spain, fans of excursions will have fun strolling along the streets of Valencia, the country’s third largest city, where the works of El Greco, Goya, Velasquez and a number of Impressionists of the region can be seen in the Museum of Fine Arts.

Italy is particularly good in October, where delightful scenery pleases the eye, and the weather is nice and comfortable. Swimming in the sea is not recommended, so most of the time can be devoted to sightseeing. Museums of Rome and Florence, the Milan Opera and narrow Venetian streets in October are no longer filled with tourists. Lovers of sweets should think about the trip to the homeland of Italian chocolate, the city of Perugia. For the duration of the festival “Eurochocolate” in the second half of October, the city turns into a European confectionery center for nine days. During the festival, there are contests, concerts, and entertainment shows.



October is a great time for traveling around China, where the excellent weather is typical even for the northern regions of the country. In addition to sightseeing, you can allocate some time for beach holidays, in particular, on the island of Hainan. Unique flora and fauna in combination with the southern climate will provide you with a wonderful holiday. Do not forget that a trip to China can also give you an excellent shopping opportunity.

In Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, the rainy season starts in October, and tropical showers, even short-term ones, can severely spoil the holiday. Therefore, it is better to postpone the trip to these countries until the dry season.


Ski resorts

In Austria, on the Stubai Glacier, the first tracks open in October. Good conditions for skiing are also offered by the Hintertux glacier and the Kaprun ski center. However, there are only a few tracks available in the middle of autumn. Globally, the ski season in Austria opens only in November, so if you want to enjoy a full winter vacation in the Alpine resorts of the country, it is better to go on a trip later, when the height of the snow cover creates the optimal conditions for skiing.


Vacation with children

Due to moderate temperatures, October is a good month for spending a sightseeing holiday with children in Europe. It’s neither hot nor cold: just what you need for a comfortable walk around the cities and in nature. In the European capitals there is certainly a lot of children’s entertainment, and outside of the cities, you could travel, for example, to the Alps or the Carpathians, to enjoy your time outdoors, to admire the beauty, and maybe go on a small hike on horses.


Holidays and festivals

In the last week of September or the first week of October, the Oktoberfest beer festival takes place in Munich. Everything happens on the Theresienwiese Square, where large tents are installed, which can accommodate up to 6,000 beer lovers at the same time. Special types of beer are brewed for the festival. The tradition of holding the “Oktoberfest” is rooted in the distant past: in 1810 the Bavarian King Ludwig I married Theresa von Sachsenhildburghausen, and the local population celebrated the monarch’s wedding for 16 consecutive days. They were so happy that they decided to do it again next year. And this has been going on for more than two hundred years.

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