Hawaii Open for Business after Hurricane Lane

Hawaii Open for Business after Hurricane Lane

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The Hawaii Tourism Authority has announced that the islands are open for business and are operating, ready for travellers, after the heavy rain dumped on the popular destination last month by Hurricane Lane.

Tourism officials, in a conference call with Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, stated that the weakening of Hurricane Lane from a Cat 5 hurricane to a tropical storm, meant that the storm’s impact on the island chain was significantly eased.

Although the storm brought flash flooding and excessive rainfall to Hawaii, the post-tropical cyclone is no longer a threat to residents & visitors as it heads westward.

Hawaii Tourism Authority officials are working hard to determine if any additional recovery efforts are needed, however they remain adamant that Hawaii is ready to resume business, and that travelers should continue visiting this idyllic destination.

Hawaii’s resorts, hotels, restaurants, activities, retail, beaches, public roadways and airports are open to both local and visiting traffic. Furthermore, most of the state parks & forest lands are also open to the public.

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