South Maui Beaches

South Maui Beaches

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Makena beach- AKA Oneloa or Big Beach Maui

If you are looking for Maui’s claim to fame and the absolute best beach that the island has to offer you need to look at Makena Beach and Big Beach. You won’t find a more beautiful and scenic beach in all of Maui! With its golden toned sands and crystal waters these Beaches will not disappoint or dissatisfy. The Beach areas are full of the brightness and colors of the tropics, a beautiful and breathtaking sight to see are these beaches. There are three different entrances into Big beach. The first area has the largest capacity for parking and is the closest to Little Beach which is located extremely close by as well. The second entrance possesses a small lot for parking which is paved. The third is dirt parking only.

An interesting fact about Big beach is that it is known for its inclined shoreline and large shore break. Skim boarders, Body Boarders and Body surfers love this Beach because of its swelling waves and large swell. It is not recommended for children or inexperienced and novice swimmers for that very reason. The waves are very powerful on this beach and unpredictable and can move on you without notice. Snorkeling is not an activity for this particular beach due to the mentioned factors. There’s a lot of action going on  this Beach! Surfing is also not recommended. You want to keep your shoes on at this beach due to the large thorns that can be found on the ground at this beach. Only around the trees is going shoeless dangerous. Feel free to take of your shoes when you are past the trees. You also have direct access to Little Beach from this Beach, it is directly around the corner and is accessible by taking a path that is connected.


Little Beach-

Little Beach is a nude Beach in Maui. It is considered the most popular of its type. That is not all that the Beach has to offer. This Beach is perfect for Surfing and Body Surfing as well depending upon the time of day. The most exciting time here is called the Southwest Swell, this makes for great surfing! The beach itself is a beautiful sight to see with clear waters and beautiful sand. The crowds are largest and the atmosphere is busiest on Sundays for this Beach. Everyone loves the sunset at this Beach and you can hear the sound of drums always beating in the distance as you experience this unique time on this Beach. There are many festivities at this Beach and during the night is when the action happens.  You can find professional fire twirlers, dancers and fancy flaming outfits in the nighttime spectacle at this beach. The police usually arrive at this beach at 8-9pm.


Mai Poina ‘Oe la’ u Beach AKA Sun seeker Beach-

This is a unique spot because of the light crowds and the fact that the Beach is almost always empty…rare for a Maui Beach. This beach connects with other beaches reaching all the way to Maalaea and you can enjoy a peaceful walk or take in the beautiful and refreshing atmosphere of this Beach and go miles and miles without seeing a soul. Wow! What an experience! Also if you hit this beach at the right season it is perfect for whale watching!

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